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Our team believes that everybody deserves to feel confident and secure in their tomorrow. That's why we offer smart financial tools and products to help make it easier to build a future you can count on. We're your partner in tomorrow.
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Co-founder of company and in charge of brand and process development as well as capturing funding opportunities.
Past Experience/Owner
PLS, LLC provides fleet maintenance analysis to businesses looking to maximize the life of their equipment. We represent high quality products that are capable of extending service intervals and increasing fuel mileage to save our customers time and money.

How you can begin saving money and increasing your profits.

National Retail Tax Franchise Operator
Operated national tax franchise in Lee's Summit, Missouri from July 2014 to October 2017. Increased revenue by 50% and volume by 70% over three tax seasons.

Focused on improving customer service and increasing the knowledge base of our tax professionals. This store became the best place in town to have your taxes prepared.

Jones Tax & Benefit Solutions
Our premier firm specializes in both individual and corporate tax preparation. Our team combines expertise in tax codes, life insurance, and Certified Financial Planners to handle the most complex situations.

We look forward to helping your family or business with individual or group tax and benefits solutions that are customized for your situation.

Jones Group Insurance
Independent Life & Health Agent
Specializing in life, health, and medicare I am appointed with all major carriers. Quotes are fast and my goal is to find the appropriate coverage for you at the lowest cost.

The best part is that my service doesn't add any cost to your premiums.

Confidence in The Future
Jones Tax & Benefit Solutions Grows to its' potential and is on the rise! We have plenty of experience and can help you get to where you need to be. We take pride in customer satisfaction. We want you to be happy and secure!
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